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Top Social Networking Sites

Social networking is going online.  People spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and other free social networking sites.  Here is a list of 15 best social networking websites which will enrich your online networking experience.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the leading global social networking website which is open to anyone aged 13 and over.  It reportedly has more than 350 million active users worldwide until September 18, 2009.  It has many applications like superpoke, photo albums, gifts, books, music, movies, quote, and games.

2. Myspace

Myspace is an extremely popular social networking website whose main features include Bulletin board, Groups, MyspaceIM, Tv, Classifieds, Karaoke, Polls and forums and other applications.  It was reported that it was overtaken by facebook on international scale in April 2008, based on monthly unique visitors.

3. Twitter

Twitter is one of leading social networking and micro-blogging websites which enables its users to send and read messages called tweets. Many users are excited by the web 2.0 applications on it.  As said officially, “Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now.”

4. Flickr

Flickr is the most popular image and video hosting and sharing website as well as a excellent social networking community.  Billions of images have been uploaded to it by its millions of users.  Flickr users can set the access to their images and videos as public and private.

5. Bebo

Bebo is one of the most popular social networking Web sites online today.  It is the largest social networking site in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand, and the third largest in the United States.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fast growing business oriented social networking website which has more than 50 million registered users around the world.  Users can find professional oppunities, hire employees and find jobs on this professional networking site.

7. LiveJournal

LiveJournal is a simple and free social networking website that enbales you to express yourself and communicate with friends online.  LiveJournal can be used in many different ways: as a private journal, a blog, a social network and much more.

8. Ning

Lauched in October, 2005, Ning is a comparatively young social networking site.  Ning literally means “peace” in Chinese language.  Besides common fuctions other social networking sites provide, Ning also enables users to create their own social network for a particular topic or need.

9. Hi5

Like other social networking sites, Hi5 also has the similar features a social networking site should have.  Hi5 is exetremely popular among Thai people.

10. Orkut

Orkut is a Google owned social networking website which is designed to “to providing an online meeting place where people can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests”.  Orkut is very popular in India and Brasil.

11. Tagged

A social networking website for 13 and over.  It enables its users to creat and customize profiles, add widgets and videos to them, browse and upload photos, play online social games, give and receive gifts and tags and more.  Tagged has been under bitter controversy over deceptive bulk mail and spamming.

12. deviantART

Commonly referred to as DA, deviantART is the world largest social networking site for artists to share and discuss artworks.  Through its harsh early days, deviantART has become one of the top sites with more than 11 million members and over 100 million artwork submissions.

13. Badoo

Also called British Based, Badoo is a multi-lingual social networking site which is ranked 176 on Alexa global top sites list.  Unlike other networking big brother, Badoo generates revenue from a “Rise Up” feature which encourages users to pay to maike their profile given more exposure on the website.

14. Netlog

Netlog is a social networking community with a large portion of users from Europe.  It claims that it has more than 20 million youth users throughout Europe and more than 3 billion pages were viewed every month.

15. Friendster

This Australia headquartered social networking website is still in Alexa top 500 sites list(ranked around 144 in December 2009).  While being overtaken by its competitors in United States and Europe, Friendster has been becoming extremely popular in East Asia which accounts for around 90% of its traffic.