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Top 20 Most Popular Russian Websites

Moscow RussiaWhat are the most popular Russian websites?  Here is a list of top 20 best websites in Russia based on a combination of Alexa rank, Quantcast statistics, content richness & freshness. The list is sorted into 7 categories covering search engines, social networking sites, internet portal, mail service, blogging & websites, videos & download and reference & knowledge for your reading convenience. If you like this post, please consider to leave a comment or kindly share it via the facebook like and social bookmarking button above.

Search Engines

1. Yandex.ru: the largest search engine in Russia which offers a large range of web-based services and products besides searching. Yandex accounts for 64% internet-search market share in Russia and it has been rated as the most popular website in Russia.

2. Google.ru: the Russian version of the world No. 1 search engine that you must have heard of. Google.com is also among the most popular websites in Russia.

3. Ya.ru: another version of Yandex, which only offers a search box on the homepage.

Social Networking

4. Vkontakte.ru: V Kontakte is the most popular social networking website in Russia.

5. LiveJournal.Ru: A virtual community and networking site very popular in Russia and among the Russian-speaking diaspora abroad.

6. Odnoklassniki.ru: Russian classmates website to share memories, class reunion info, photos and more.

7. Facebook.com: the world top networking site has been becoming more and more popular in Russia.

8. Twitter.com: twitter is used by many popular Russian people and organizations including President of Russia (KremlinRussia_E), Neznashka, Rogozin and Creative_Link.

9. VK.com: another social networking site to keep friends, classmates, neighbours and colleagues in touch.

Internet Portal

10. Ru.yahoo.com: Yahoo! Russia is still among the top 20 most popular Russian websites.

Mail Service

11. Mail.ru: the largest Russian mail service provider along with many internet-based products.

Blogging & Websites:

12. LiveInternet.ru: offers blogging service and site statistics.

13. uCoz.ru: provides system to create websites, site builder of new generation and free web hosting.

14. Narod.Yandex.ru: a product of Yandex offering unlimited free web hosting with thousands of templates available.

15. Blogspot.com: one of the most popular blogging platforms in Russia.

16. Sape.ru: top Russian website to buy and sell links.

Videos & Download

17. Youtube.com: top video sharing website is Russia.

18. Rutracker.org: the biggest Russian bittorrent tracker. Free download movies, music, books, softwares and more.

Reference & Knowledge

19. Ru.wikipedia.org: largest free encyclopedia online that anyone can edit.

20. Lib.ru: Maksim Moshkow’s Library is the largest and the oldest electronic library in the Russian Internet segment.