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Best Japanese Fashion Blogs

What are the best Japanese fashion blogs? Here is a list of top 6 most popular Japanese fashion blogs in my browser bookmarks folder. Enjoy and have a real look on the ongoing fashion trends in Japan.

Fashion Blogs in English

1. Fashion in Japan Blog: one of the most popular Japanese fashion blogs in English, offering thousands of fashion photos sorted into street clothing, bags, shoes and fashion spots. It also features a online store and fashion consulting service.

2. Fashion Japan: a stylish designed Japanese fashion blog in English, offering girls, guys, Japanese street fashion and fashion shows photos.

Fashion Blogs in Japanese

3. Oggi.tv: fashoin blog provided by the popular Japanese fashion magazine Oggi, you can also click the link on the top to navigate other online fashion magazines.

4. Style Arena: offering thousands of stylish and fashionable Japanese street fashion photos.

5. Fashion-J.com: one of the best Japanese fashion blog featuring brands, collection, fashion news, street fashion and photos.

6. Jamool: one of the best Japanese fashion blogs online. offering fashion collections, styles and fashion shows as well as fashion news.