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Top 20 Most Popular Canadian Websites

What are the most popular websites in Canada?  I have come up with a list of top 20 best Canadian websites rated by Alexa rank, Quantcast traffic statistics and user reviews. The list is sorted into 9 sub-categories covering search engines, social networking sites, news & portal, classifieds websites, blogging websites, videos & photos, online shopping, Reference & Knowledge and Government Website for your browsing convenience. If you like this post, please consider to leave a comment or share it through the social bookmarking buttons above.

Search Engines

1. Google.ca: Google.com in Canada.

2. Bing.com: a search engine powered by Microsoft.

Social Networking

3. Facebook.com: the most popular social networking site in Canada as well as in the world.

4. Twitter.com: the social networking and microblogging website which has been becoming increasingly popular.

5. LinkedIn.com: a social networking website for professionals, business persons and industry experts.

Portal & News

6. Yahoo.com: the oldest and most popular portal site offering news, email, yahoo answers and more.

7. MSN.com: Portal website offering search, news, email, finance, shopping and online chat.

8. CNN.com: One of the most popular news websites in Canada, offering world news, politics news, entertainment news, travel news and much more.

Classifieds Websites

9. Kijiji.ca: free classified and advertising website, users can also make contacts, ask for advice, search for jobs, communicate thoughts and ideas.

10. Craigslist.ca: second largest free classified website in Canada.

Videos & Photos

11. Youtube.com: top video sharing and hosting in the world.

12. Flickr.com: photo sharing and hosting website owned by Yahoo.

Online Shopping

13. Ebay.ca: largest online aution site in Canada.

14. Amazon.com: top Business to Consumer shopping website offering everything ranging from books and phones to cosmetics to digital downloads and many more.

Blogging Websites:

15. Blogspot.com: the most popular blogging platform in Canada. Blogspot is now powered by Google.

16. WordPress.com: free blogging website powered by the WordPress software.

Reference & Knowledge

17. Wikipedia.org: free encyclopedia online constantly updated and edited by visitors.

18. Imdb.com: The Internet Movie Database is the best website to find movie summaries, cast and reviews.

Government Website

19. Gc.ca: Government of Canada official web site.

20. Gouv.qc.ca: Official Website of Government of Quebec.