Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites

Here are the top 10 best social bookmarking sites based on a combination of Alexa Rank, content richness, users’ reviews and freshness.  You are welcome to add other social bookmarking sites you like.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the leading global social networking website as well as one of the top social bookmarking sites.  It reportedly has more than 350 million active users worldwide until September 18, 2009.

2. Digg

One of the most popular social bookmarking websites to share news, stories, videos and images.  Users can digg (vote up) or bury (vote down) a story or link. The most dugg links show up on the front page.

3. Twitter

Twitter is the leading social bookmarking website which enables its users to send and read messages called tweets.  Many users are excited by the web 2.0 applications on it.

4. MySpace

Myspace is an extremely popular social networking website as well as social networking site.  It was reported that it was overtaken by facebook on international scale in April 2008, based on monthly unique visitors.

5. StumbleUpon

You can “thumb up” your likes and “thumb down” dislikes to vote links.  With more than 8 million users, it is definitely one of the best social bookmarking sites.

6. reddit

Similar functions with other social bookmarking websites.  The first impression on me is its simple interface, not neat, only simple.

7. Technorati

Popular bookmarking site as well as the largest blog search engine.


A “tastest” bookmarking website whose users can tag each of their bookmarks.  The interface is simple and neat.

9. mixx

A social bookmarking site which is easier to use and contains less spam contents. Recommended.

10. Propeller

You can “prop it” likes and “drop it” dislikes.

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