Top 25 Most Popular Korean Fashion Blogs

What are the most popular Korean fashion blogs?  I have come up with a list of top 25 best Korean fashion blogs based on a combination of traffic statistics, RSS subscribers, as well as popularity on social networking sites. All these fashion blogs are in Korean language, so you may use Google Translate to have a rough reading.

Most Popular Korean Fashion Blogs

1. RL’s Fashion Blog: Fashion information blog, Street Fashion , TV, Star photos, shopping experience, including product reviews and more.

2. Fashion Blog 76 Avenue: Fashion information, trends, accessories, Korean celebrities photos and more.

3. Fashion Blog: Hollywood stars, international models, fashion show and photo gallery and more.

4. Arjay Fashion Blog: Fashion information-sharing sites, news articles, fashion pictorial, magazines, videos, and more.

5. Desirable Fashion Blog: Fashion, Clothing, Cody, including daily stories and more.

6. Fashion Plus Blog: Fashion trends, magazines, catalogs, events, etc.

7. Kongjwiui Fashion Blog: Hollywood Fashion, Street Fashion, Images, Celebrity Fashion, brands and more information.

8. Beulringnoteu Fashion Beauty Blog: Fashion and beauty, magazines, cosmetics, books, reviews and more.

9. Nicole’s Fashion Blog: Fashion shows, photos, and more pictorial fashion information and more.

10. Fashion is a Practice: Fashion Blog, Drama, Film, Street Fashion, information, photos and more international stars.

11. Banimun Women’s Fashion Blog: Women’s Clothing Store Blog, dresses, skirts, pants and fashion information.

12. Eugene: Fashion, beauty, events, information and more.

13. Minibbong: Fashion photography, coordinator reviews, music, life stories and more.

14. ELLE Reality: Elle etjin blogs , events, fashion , beauty and more information.

15. Oh Lenny’s Fashion Story: Everyday stories, stars, models, beauty and fashion information, and more.

Top Korean Fashion Designers’ Blogs

16. Yeranji Blog: Fashion Designer Yeranji’s blog, daily stories, photos, video and more.

17. Jeongukjun Blog: Fashion Designer Jeongukjun’s blog, fashion show, information, photos, and more.

18. Victor Lee Blog: Fashion designer Victor Lee and writer blogs , fashion shows, photo albums and more.

19. Jeongmunseok Blog: Fashion designer and representative Hieolahyiem Jeongmunseok’s blog, daily photo, fashion and more information.

20. Handongwoo Blog: Fashion Designer Handongwoo’s blog , fashion information, photo gallery and more.

21. IEEK Blog: Fashion Designer IEEK’s blog, fashion show, information, photos, music and more.

22. Songhyemyeong Blog: Fashion Designer Songhyemyeong, fashion show, information, videos, column, photo gallery and more.

23. Ohdeokjin Blog: Fashion Designer Ohdeokjin, everyday stories, projects, photos, and more.

24. Kyunghee Chung Blog: Fashion Designer Kyunghee Chung blog, profile, etc. As the design work.

25. Yiseungjin Blog: Designer yiseungjin blog, profile, diary, dress, art and wedingsyo, including press releases and more.

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    Great article! I have been searching for this topic for so long. Thanks for saving lot of my time. I will definitely come again to read your website. :-)

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  3. Ju Hyoung Yoo

    Thanks so much (:

    Its unselfish people like you that makes the world go round.

  4. lee

    sorry. but the blogs you’ve mentioned are mostly commercial some of them who don’t have any idea about fashion. one blog is advertising ‘herbal life’ medicine…. (number 7) not all of them are shit but this list is a piece of shit for Korean;’s eye living in Korea.. You should have asked anyone familiar with ths subject and make the list.

    well i think i can make the fashion blog copying and pasting (of course illegally) some Hollywood pictures on Google…
    please do not mis inform foreigners about Korean fashion blogs. There;re many brilliant ones.. please do some reserach.

  5. jiye

    Some of my favorite Korean-American blogs are..

    dressupfiles (mine! hee hee…shameless plug! come visit!)

  6. Elle

    I saw a TV show about top Korean Clothing Designers. There was one woman who designed absolutely beautiful clothing. I didn’t get her name and I don’t know what channel it was on. All I can do is give you a description what she looked like. She had a short blunt cut evenly around (a Bob) with very straight cut bangs. If anyone knows who I am talking about, you will be my hero if you let me know. Warmly, Elle

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