Most Popular Korean Drama Websites

I have posted an article titled Top 10 Most Popular Korean Websites.   But what are the most popular Korean drama websites?  Here are the top 8 most popular Korean drama  sites based on a combination of Alexa Rank, content richness, users’ reviews and freshness. It would be great if you could add your favorite Korean drama websites to the list or write some reviews of them.


A fantastic website to watch Korean dramas and movies.  Covers 302 Korean drama series up to now.


Korean drama AZ synopsis, Korean DVDs’ English subtitles, download screensavers, wallpaper and photo gallery of scenes from serials.


For people with a need to learn more about Korean dramas and Korean culture, this site is especially for you.

4. is the terrific website for K-Pop and Korean entertainment. Covering forums, Korean celebrity photos, Korean music, entertainment news, beauty & fashion and much more.


Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series.


An introduction to the films, issues, people, and events that shape the film community in Korea.


Find the most wanted Korean movies, actors, actresses, box office hits, DVD releases, news, and other info on Korean movie industry.


A fun place for Korean Drama Fans to gather. Discussion forum with chat for Korean Drama Fans. Based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US.

61 thoughts on “Most Popular Korean Drama Websites

  1. ChiChi101

    Hey Korean Drama fans
    i can recommend a few good dramas
    -playful kiss: cute romantic comedy
    -Boys before flowers: romantic comedy (not cute)
    -Dream high: comedy

          1. Marielle

            i check but it ask me an invite code.. do you have one? can you give me?? pls??? thank you

  2. Funny_vino14@y.c (philippines)

    Nomo nomo Saranghe kdrama. Ive watched a lot of kdrama and its currently airing hre in phil. Koreans are totally awesome in making a fantastc drama specially romance/comedy genre it makes me feel better evrytme i fnshed an entire drama. 2 thumbs up lol just do watched marry me mary,my gf s gumiho,scret grden, prosecutor prncess, my princess, dream high, sungkyuwan scandal, playful kiss, paradse ranch, im waitng 4 lie to me, can u hear me and 49 days 2 be availble in the market 😀

  3. Ben

    Believe me when I shout it from the roof tops how ace your site is. Plainly speaking it feels like forever since I’ve come across articles of this nature . Continue the great content.

  4. neila

    I just watched my first korean drama ever, “city hunter” I loved it
    can you please advise me to choose my second watch… in the same style

    thanks in advance

    1. Trevz

      My first k-drama was Personal Taste/Perference starring Son Ye-Jin (my fav k-actress) and Lee Min Jo (main protagonist of City Hunter)

      I would recommend it, because its funny, romantic and Ye-Jin is the personification of cute, adorable and scantiously hotness.

      1. janet

        This was also my first korean series that i watched fr feb 13, 2011….and since that time i have watched about 150 kdrama and 50 kmovies. But Son Ye Jin remains as my top favorite. there is no one as good as she is. i just hope she will have another series soon, if possible with Kang Ji Hwan. i think they will be good together.

    2. Kaneisha

      Hey you should try watching A Man Called God… It is soo awesome! You will not be disappointed! :)

  5. Edna frm bailen Phil.

    These r my favorite korean dramas: loving you, attic cat, jewel in d palace, coffee prince, princess’ hours, all about eve, daljas spring, full house, winter sonata, marry me mary, playful d taiwanese drama meteor garden and it started with a kiss.. Love them!!

  6. whatever lah you

    for me…hollywood movies still the best….whole things,but not for the negative things….korean stylish and maybe not so rocks….

  7. 제니퍼 - jennifer

    i love Kdramas
    i’m from the beautiful islands of Philippines….
    i personally love scent of a woman, city hunter,
    my girlfriend is a gumiho,
    and he’s beautiful….
    ac2ly scent of a woman has just started to show just this monday
    city hunter will be shown early next year as what i’ve heard
    but luckily i’ve aleady finished watching them through kdrama sites…
    thank you for updating us always….
    i also hope that korean stars (drama) would be able to visit Philippines
    ac2ly kim bum already went here, did a commercial with maja salvador and it was a hit……
    kdrama stars, visit Philippines pls……
    love u all esp. lee min ho…and kim hyun joong

  8. Frenchie

    The best site about K dramas for info and for its amazing community spirit is Great quality and extra fun.

  9. gasedak

    Hi,i’m from iran. I love k-dramas a lot. Please suggest me the titles of korean dramas/movies in which a girl ((first)) falls in love with a boy and tries to attract the boy. Thanks in adavance!

    1. Pebble

      Rooftop Prince…. It’s all genre combine into one… Fantasy, Suspense, Mystery, Romantic Comedy, Drama…!!!! It’s unpredictable and the story gets a little off track in the middle but the ending is amazing and unforgettable. A very fast pace and laid back drama.

  10. shital datir

    hello, , I am from India .i like boys before flower so much ………………..
    I am also waiting to watch more korean dramas

  11. garnet_angel7

    hi! to everyone..i wanna ask where can i buy korean dramas with english sub?..tnx

  12. Ammi Del

    Follow AKPF on Facebook (American KPOP Fans), they always share the best sites to watch dramas and shows with English subs, like,,, etc.

  13. Ahmed

    my best k film is dea jo young, i love it because it tells me about Korea about culture and traditions.

  14. smart_life

    I highly recommended “The First Wives Club” (조강지저클럽). Its best Korean Drama ever beside “Jewel in The Palace” (대장금)

  15. Mac


    Something has happened to My Soju and am wondering if you know what! Tonight I tried to click on the website and got the message that it isn’t available. So, think the site might have been moved but not sure. Any info you have, I would appreciate. My Soju is one of my favorite sites for Korean drama.

    Thank you,


  16. Marah S Mendoza

    hi just want to ask. what was happened to cant access that link. cant open it. why?

  17. janice

    i had seen a loft of kind of drama series…but only one i’d loved much playful kiss,,,awesome!!!so cute story i’d love it,,,so amazing..

  18. dramahan

    I think hancinema is the best as it is the official site of most of the dramas. I am a member of soompi too… especially the forum. Has good discussion over there.

  19. Kaneisha

    Dramacrazy and Dramafever have an insane amount of dramas on there. You will never run out of anything to watch!

  20. Sarah

    Hi!! The first korean drama which i wached was Full house. Then i kept wachn. I wachd Princess hours,Playfull kiss,Your beautiful,Boys over flowers,Personal taste. These dayz m wachn Love rain. I don’t have words to explain the cuteness of these korean dramas. They are just fantastic,mindblowing,awsm etc. I even wants to learn korean language so badly. I will learn for sure.

  21. aditi

    i am from india.i love watching korean dramas.they are just awesome.could you please suggest me some sites to download more korean escor

  22. santhosh kumar

    hi friends i am from india , i like korean dramas very much , can you please tell me where can i download the torrent link for the dramas………. thank you…..

  23. punom

    I am Bangladeshi.I love watching korean dramas,I even wants to learn korean language so badly. I will learn for sure

  24. pari

    hi me frm nepal i am abig fan of korea.i lol 2 watch k drama kpop all de the things related 2 korea ent.i even lerarn k language.prev i uused to watch k drama frm crazy drama bt now its not working plz sugst me some site where i can watch more k drama

  25. reshma santhosh

    Hey guys, try “BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS”. Its such a wonderful k- drama i have ever watched.

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