Japanese Shopping Websites

What are the best Japanese shopping websites?  Here are the top 8 Japanese shopping websites based on a combination of Alexa Rank, content richness, users’ reviews and freshness. It would be great if you could add your favorite shopping websites to the list or give some reviews of them.

1. Rakuten.co.jp

Rakuten market’s the largest Japanese shopping website. From the flea market auctions to greeting cards on various events and much more.

2. Shop.goo.ne.jp

Low-price consumer goods, free shipping, trendy fashion and buzz books. One of the biggest Japanese shopping websites.

3. Amazon.co.jp

Japnese version of amazon. A major player in Japanese online shopping business.

4. Shopch.jp

You can shop jewelry and fashion, beauty, household appliances, electronic televisions and much more on this website.

5. Shopping-search.jp

A Japanese shopping comparison website. You can search products in many shopping sites.

6. Mall.seesaa.jp

Seesaa shopping search-finds the things you want with best price.

7. Mall.fc2.com

Another major Japanese shopping websites which you can buy almost all kinds of products.

8. Closedjapan.com

A membership only shopping websites which claims to provide low price products.

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