Top 20 Most Popular Hong Kong Magazines

Hong Kong is one of the most popular cities of Asia. The special geographical location, particular historical background along with the blending of western culture and the Chinese tradition has transformed Hong Kong into a Cosmopolitan city with people coming from different parts of the world. In terms of the media industry, it has more than 100 published magazines and newspapers. Here is a collection of the top 20 most popular Hong Kong magazines online sorted into six categories: news & comprehensive, life & travel, business & finance, women & fashion, men & fashion, and entertainment & celebrities. Most of them are in Chinese so you might need use Google Translate to browse their websites in your native language.

News & Comprehensive Magazines

1. The Mirror: a high end monthly magazine providing news, political and economic reviews.

2. Asia Weekly: a respected magazine on Asian news, politics, business and society.

Life & Travel Magazines

3. Weekend Weekly: a popular magazine delivering life, travel food and more.

4. U Magazine: a magazine covering life, travel, health, entertainment.

5. HK Discovery: a magazine featuring outdoors, sports, travel and nature.

Business & Finance

6. Economic Digest: a famous and authorative magazine in Hong Kong featuring economic reviews, stocks, investment and management.

7. CAPITAL MAGAZINE: a business magazine targeted at decision makers, offering special report, brand management, enterprise and travel.

8. CAPITAL WEEKLY: a magazine “for the rich and powerful”, offering business news, stocks and investment strategies.

Women & Fashion

9. marie claire: world famous women’s magazine marie claire in Hong Kong.

10. Jessica: top selling women’s fashion magazine in Hongkong.

11. Jessica Code: a magazine for women, including trends, fashion, beauty and style.

12. ELLE Hong Kong: Providing fashion, beauty, fitness, career, relationships and life.

13. Cosmopolitan HK: Providing fashion, fashion trends, beauty, women’s careers and love tips.

Men & Fashion

14. HIM: a magazine for men covering life, leisure, entertainment and other content.

15. Men’s Uno: interviews, Men’s fashion, trends, and life.

16. JMEN: one of the popular men’s magazine featuring fashion, intuition, grooming and attitude.

17. Esquire: a Men’s magazine covering beauty, fashion, clothing, style, life and sex.

Entertainment & Celebrities

18. TVB Weekly: the best selling celebrities magazine in Honkong.

19. Next Media: one of the top magazines in Hong Kong, offering news, analysis, entertainment, celebrities and more.

20. Eastweek: a very popular magazine offering celebrities, gossips, movie stars and more.

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