Top 15 Most Popular French Websites

What are the most popular French websites?  I have come up with a list of top 15 best French websites rated by a combination of Alexa Rank, content richness, users’ reviews and freshness. Note all these sites are in French language so browsing them with google translate seems a good idea. These websites are also great resources to learn French. I will be very glad if you could add your favorite French websites and share your comments on them.

1. Orange

Orange is France’s leading mobile operator and provider of Internet access. As an Internet portal, Orange offers the French news, sports, celebrities and international aid.

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2. Comment Ca Marche

Literally means How it works, as its name implies, a website to find answers to questions. Comment Ca Marche has long been a site specializing in information technology since 1999.

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3. Google

The French version of the No.1 search engine Google.

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4. EBay

EBay is the top online auction websites in the world.

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5. Leboncoin

Leboncoin is one of the largest classifieds sites in France. It’s like Craigslist in the English world.

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6. La Redoute

La Redoute is the largest mail order site in France.

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7. Skyrock is the leading French social networking site.

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8. Pages Jaunes

Literally Yellow Pages, the Pages Jaunes is a service to find the phone numbers and addresses of thousands of professionals and companies throughout France.

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9. JeuxVidé

Created in 1997, JeuxVidé is one of the most popular French websites to find the news and reviews of video games.

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10. L’Internaute

L’Internaute is an online magazine covering many topics including cars, females, travel, health, movies, books, garden, high-tech and offering services of all kinds.

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11. L’Équipe

Official site of the famous newspaper L’Équipe dedicated to sport, offering real-time sports news, football, rugby, tennis, auto / motorcycle, cycling, basketball and golf.

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12. Amazon

Amazon is a one of the leading online shopping sites with 750,000 daily visitors in France.

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13. is the official website of the magazine Télé Loisirs. Programme-TV offers free access to all the French channels (TNT, cable and satellite). It also follows the news from television, especially reality television, and film releases.

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14. Allociné

Allociné is the main portal dedicated to French films. There are more than half a million visitors who use its services every day.

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15. Cdiscount

The largest French discount shopping site offering a wide range of products, ranging from cultural entertainment (books, CDs …) to appliances, to computers, clothing, childcare and travel.

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11 thoughts on “Top 15 Most Popular French Websites

  1. Dirk Reed

    I came across a very interesting French website: ; although technically limited to the world of science fiction and fantasy, there’s a wealth of information to be found on this site; amusez-vous bien!


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