Top 10 Best Free Online Libraries

What are the best online libraries to read and download ebooks for free? After enormous searching and checking I have picked these following top 10 best free libraries to read and download ebooks for free. All these websites are ads free and most of them don’t require registration. Check them out and happy reading.

1. Internet Archive: the largest digital library to download free ebooks.

2. Project Gutenberg: offers over 33000 free ebooks to read online and download.

3. Google Books: search full preview books then google will give you a link to download the ebook if it’s not copyrighted.

4. University of Pennsylvania Books Page: lists over 1 million free books to read and download.

5. Open Library: over 1 million classic literature free ebooks to download.

6. eBooks at Adelaide: the online library of the University of Adelaide, offers free classic literature, philosophy, science and medicine ebooks.

7. Bartleby: provides the encyclopedia of world history and Harvard classics.

8. Bibliomania: offers over 2000 free electronic documents, as well as research results.

9. The New York Public Library: offers thousands of free ebooks in various formats.

10. ManyBooks: ads free library to download over 29,000 free ebooks.


11. Open J-Gate is the world’s biggest Open Access English Language Journals Portal, you can search and download papers from 8571 open access journals.

29 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Free Online Libraries

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  2. Online Library

    Really, awesome. You refers the top 10 free online libraries are very useful to who wants the different online libraries to search about their resources and download it free.
    Thanks for you refer websites.


  3. Lucy

    I cannot afford to buy books anymore due to a decrease in income, and our small public library, although commendable, lacks many authors and titles. What a gift to find your list!!! Thank you for taking the time to provide such a valuable resource–gratis!

  4. A friend

    I don’t know whether it is good or not. But I am a bookworm. If it is profitable then THANKS…it’s really good to share such useful things…at least for

  5. Dimensions Saga Reader

    Can somebody help me find a place where I can get the books “The Fall of a King” and “The Claiming of Carathis” by T.M. Nielsen for free? I have been looking around library websites for a while now, and my local libraries don’t have the book either. I don’t feel like buying the eBook, simply because I don’t need to keep it, just read and delete. Thank you!

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