7 Free Online Chat Rooms For Kids

Chatrooms for kids are truely difficult to find.  Here are the 7 chatrooms for kids based on a combination of Alexa Rank, loading speed, users’ reviews and freshness. It would be great if you could add your favorite kids chatting sites to the list or write some reviews of them.

Caution: Chatrooms can be dangerous to kids.  Although kids chatrooms in this list claims they would monitor the chatrooms, but that does not mean 100 persent safe.  For more infomation about how chatrooms may harm your kids and how to protect your kids in a chatromm, you might want to read this aritcle:  Chat Rooms Are Dangerous For Kids.

1. Kids-online.com

A great free online chatroom for kids.  I checked the chatroom and found the chatroom loading speed is pretty good.  And what is really amazing is that this chatroom do not require registration.

2. Chat Avenue

Another free online chatroom for kids.  No requirements for membership, fast loading, but only open to kids over 13.

3. Kidscom

Free online chat room for kids, registration required.  You can chat with kids aroud globe.

4. UK Chat Room

A kids chatroom powered by ukchatrooms.com.  Totally free and no registration is required.  Very intuitive and easy to use.

5. KidsChat.net

A free kids chatroom for older kids and younger teens.

6. Penguinchat.com

Really amzazing chatroom for kids.  Free, no registration requirements, paly their football games or go to “north pole” while chatting.

7. Kidschat.ws

Free chat room for kids.  Don’t have to sigh up, just type in a nick name and get started.

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