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Top 10 Most Popular Korean Fashion Magazines

What are the most popular Korean fashion magazines? Here is a list of top 10 best online Korean fashion magazines in Korean language. You may use Google Translate to have a rough reading.

1. High-cut: one of the best known Korean fashion magazines, offering fashion, beauty, star album, ebooks and more.

2. Vogue: Korea site of the fashion magazine Vogue Korea, featuring beauty trends, international trends, fashion designers and fashion guide.

3. Fashion Net Korea: fashion knowledge portal, textile, fashion, events, news and trends, collections and more.

4. CeCi: a popular Korean fashion magazine, delivering stars, fashion, audition, career, beauty blogs and more.

5. Nylon: one of the most popular Korean fashion magazines, providing beauty, fashion, video clips and style tips for women.

6. Singles: a lifestyle magazines, featuring luxury, fashion, beauty, stars, and employment information.

7. Stylem: have a look at celebrity fashion, fashion news, trends, beauty information and more.

8. GQ Korea: the most popular fashion magazine for men, delivering fashion, trends, photos, sports, cars and lifestyle.

9. Fashion Channel: a fashion business magazine, providing fashion industry news, fashion brands, distribution, and market analysis.

10. ELLE atZINE: women’s fashion and beauty monthly magazine, offering seasonal collections, luxury brands, showroom, etc.

Top 15 Most Popular Korean Fashion Websites

What are the most popular Korean fashion websites? I have come up with a list of top 15 best Korean fashion websites based on a combination of traffic statistics, RSS subscribers, as well as popularity on social networking sites. All these fashion websites are in Korean language, so you may use Google Translate to have a rough reading.

Most Popular Korean Fashion Websites

1. Hankyung Fashion: providing fashion, fashion news, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle.

2. Hiphoper: a webzine featuring street fashion, sneakers , fashion news and dance performances, also providing a online fashion clothing and accessories store.

3. Fashion Beads: fashion news, industry trends, statistics, international fashion information.

4. Musinsa: one of the most popular Korean fashion websites offering fashion, street fashion, fashion news and products, style suggestions, photo gallery and more.

5. Fashion Insights: offering articles in fashion, clothing, accessories, textiles and retail industry, also providing analysis of market trends.

6. Syoff: one of the top fashion websites in South Korea delivering fashion, men, women, street fashion, forum, photo gallery and more.

7. Stylet: offering style picks, style book, fashion magazine as well as shopping guidance and information.

Korean Fashion Shopping Websites

8. Fashion Plus: one of the largest online fashion shopping websites in Korean, offering women’s, men’s, casual wear, children’s clothing, bags and more.

9. Dahong: a great online fashion clothing store where you can find thousands of fashionable and stylish dresses, skirts, shoes, and fashion accessories.

10. Fashion Start: a popular shopping website for imported clothing, quilts, linens, home fashion, ribbon and more.

11. Fashion Story: online store specializing in women’s clothing, men’s clothing, casual, underwear, fashion , accessories and more.

12. Elf Fashion: women’s fashion clothing shopping site, providing imported clothing, jackets, skirts, knits, tees and fashion accessories.

Fashion Jobs & Employment

13. Fashion Scout: a jobs & employment website to find fashion and clothing designing jobs in Korea.

14. Fashionwork: another Korean website to search fashion jobs as its name implies.

15. Fashion Inn: Job site for fashion and beauty designers, sales persons and management

Top 25 Most Popular Korean Fashion Blogs

What are the most popular Korean fashion blogs?  I have come up with a list of top 25 best Korean fashion blogs based on a combination of traffic statistics, RSS subscribers, as well as popularity on social networking sites. All these fashion blogs are in Korean language, so you may use Google Translate to have a rough reading.

Most Popular Korean Fashion Blogs

1. RL’s Fashion Blog: Fashion information blog, Street Fashion , TV, Star photos, shopping experience, including product reviews and more.

2. Fashion Blog 76 Avenue: Fashion information, trends, accessories, Korean celebrities photos and more.

3. Fashion Blog: Hollywood stars, international models, fashion show and photo gallery and more.

4. Arjay Fashion Blog: Fashion information-sharing sites, news articles, fashion pictorial, magazines, videos, and more.

5. Desirable Fashion Blog: Fashion, Clothing, Cody, including daily stories and more.

6. Fashion Plus Blog: Fashion trends, magazines, catalogs, events, etc.

7. Kongjwiui Fashion Blog: Hollywood Fashion, Street Fashion, Images, Celebrity Fashion, brands and more information.

8. Beulringnoteu Fashion Beauty Blog: Fashion and beauty, magazines, cosmetics, books, reviews and more.

9. Nicole’s Fashion Blog: Fashion shows, photos, and more pictorial fashion information and more.

10. Fashion is a Practice: Fashion Blog, Drama, Film, Street Fashion, information, photos and more international stars.

11. Banimun Women’s Fashion Blog: Women’s Clothing Store Blog, dresses, skirts, pants and fashion information.

12. Eugene: Fashion, beauty, events, information and more.

13. Minibbong: Fashion photography, coordinator reviews, music, life stories and more.

14. ELLE Reality: Elle etjin blogs , events, fashion , beauty and more information.

15. Oh Lenny’s Fashion Story: Everyday stories, stars, models, beauty and fashion information, and more.

Top Korean Fashion Designers’ Blogs

16. Yeranji Blog: Fashion Designer Yeranji’s blog, daily stories, photos, video and more.

17. Jeongukjun Blog: Fashion Designer Jeongukjun’s blog, fashion show, information, photos, and more.

18. Victor Lee Blog: Fashion designer Victor Lee and writer blogs , fashion shows, photo albums and more.

19. Jeongmunseok Blog: Fashion designer and representative Hieolahyiem Jeongmunseok’s blog, daily photo, fashion and more information.

20. Handongwoo Blog: Fashion Designer Handongwoo’s blog , fashion information, photo gallery and more.

21. IEEK Blog: Fashion Designer IEEK’s blog, fashion show, information, photos, music and more.

22. Songhyemyeong Blog: Fashion Designer Songhyemyeong, fashion show, information, videos, column, photo gallery and more.

23. Ohdeokjin Blog: Fashion Designer Ohdeokjin, everyday stories, projects, photos, and more.

24. Kyunghee Chung Blog: Fashion Designer Kyunghee Chung blog, profile, etc. As the design work.

25. Yiseungjin Blog: Designer yiseungjin blog, profile, diary, dress, art and wedingsyo, including press releases and more.

Top 15 Most Popular Italian Websites

What are the best websites in Italy? Here is a list of top 15 most visited Italian websites based on Alexa rank, Quantcast statistics and users’ reviews. I have excluded Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, Blogspot and wikipedia from this list as they are among the most popular sites all over the world, as shown in world top 100 websites and top 20 Canadian websites for example. These websites in Italian language are sorted into 5 categories including news & portal, newspapers & magazines, sports & recreation, videos & movies, videos & photos and internet & webmasters for your browsing convenience. Enjoy and have fun.

News & Portal

1. Libero: largest Italian internet service provider, offering news, e-mail service, community, chat, sport, blogging, movies, videos and more.

2. Il Corriere della Sera: offering news, politics, economy, sports, photos, imagesweather, health, travel guides, music, games and more.

3. Virgilio: providing news, sports, video, email, community, ADSL and search engine.

4. ANSA: website of the ANSA – news, photos, videos, politics, regions, world, international, economics, stock exchange, foreign exchange, finance and many more.

5. RAI: The official broadcasting agency of the Italian government.

Newspapers & Magazines

6. La Repubblica: the online edition of the most popular Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

7. La Stampa: the official website of the newspaper La Stampa.

8. AlFemminile: oneline women’s magazine offering beauty, career, family, kitchen, children and health.

Sports & Recreation

9. Gazzetta dello Sport: football news, photos and videos. also featuring Formula 1, cycling, World Championship and other sports.

Videos & Movies

10. Mediaset: presents its TV channels and programs.

11. Italia-Film: best collection of free streaming movies.

12. MYmovies: database of international cinema with thematic cards, reviews and user feedbacks.

Internet & Webmasters

13. Aruba: largest Italian company for domain registration and web hosting.

14. Italian portal totally dedicated to HTML, web publishing and security.

15. Advertising Network for webmasters and merchants.

Top 20 Most Popular Hong Kong Magazines

Hong Kong is one of the most popular cities of Asia. The special geographical location, particular historical background along with the blending of western culture and the Chinese tradition has transformed Hong Kong into a Cosmopolitan city with people coming from different parts of the world. In terms of the media industry, it has more than 100 published magazines and newspapers. Here is a collection of the top 20 most popular Hong Kong magazines online sorted into six categories: news & comprehensive, life & travel, business & finance, women & fashion, men & fashion, and entertainment & celebrities. Most of them are in Chinese so you might need use Google Translate to browse their websites in your native language.

News & Comprehensive Magazines

1. The Mirror: a high end monthly magazine providing news, political and economic reviews.

2. Asia Weekly: a respected magazine on Asian news, politics, business and society.

Life & Travel Magazines

3. Weekend Weekly: a popular magazine delivering life, travel food and more.

4. U Magazine: a magazine covering life, travel, health, entertainment.

5. HK Discovery: a magazine featuring outdoors, sports, travel and nature.

Business & Finance

6. Economic Digest: a famous and authorative magazine in Hong Kong featuring economic reviews, stocks, investment and management.

7. CAPITAL MAGAZINE: a business magazine targeted at decision makers, offering special report, brand management, enterprise and travel.

8. CAPITAL WEEKLY: a magazine “for the rich and powerful”, offering business news, stocks and investment strategies.

Women & Fashion

9. marie claire: world famous women’s magazine marie claire in Hong Kong.

10. Jessica: top selling women’s fashion magazine in Hongkong.

11. Jessica Code: a magazine for women, including trends, fashion, beauty and style.

12. ELLE Hong Kong: Providing fashion, beauty, fitness, career, relationships and life.

13. Cosmopolitan HK: Providing fashion, fashion trends, beauty, women’s careers and love tips.

Men & Fashion

14. HIM: a magazine for men covering life, leisure, entertainment and other content.

15. Men’s Uno: interviews, Men’s fashion, trends, and life.

16. JMEN: one of the popular men’s magazine featuring fashion, intuition, grooming and attitude.

17. Esquire: a Men’s magazine covering beauty, fashion, clothing, style, life and sex.

Entertainment & Celebrities

18. TVB Weekly: the best selling celebrities magazine in Honkong.

19. Next Media: one of the top magazines in Hong Kong, offering news, analysis, entertainment, celebrities and more.

20. Eastweek: a very popular magazine offering celebrities, gossips, movie stars and more.