Top 20 Most Popular Brazilian Websites

Brazil SymbolWhat are the most popular websites in Brazil?  Here is a list of top 20 best Brazilian rated by a combination of Alexa rank, Quantcast traffic statistics and user reviews. The list is sorted into 7 sub-categories covering search engines, social networking sites, news & portal, internet service, blogging, videos & download and online shopping for your browsing convenience. If you like this post, please consider to leave a comment or share it through the social bookmarking button above.

Search Engine

1. the Brazilian version of Google.

2. Powered by Microsoft, Bing is the second largest search engine in Brazil.

Social Networking

3. Orkut is the most popular social networking website in Brazil. Orkut is now owned by Google.

4. the second most popular networking site in this country, a powerful competitor against Orkut.

5. Fast grwoing social networking and microblogging platform.

Videos & Download

6. top video sharing site where the Brazilian broadcast themselves.

7. a very popular free file sharing and storage website in Brazil. Users can have 10 GB free webspace upon easy registration.

Internet Service

8. Universo Online is the largest internet access and added service provider in Brazil.

9. the second biggest online service provider in Brazil.

10. Internet access and online service provider.

Portal & News

11. Everything about sports, news, entertainment and videos.

12. the big brother in Brazil.

13. Portal site for news, search, email, shopping, finance and online chat.

14. news from Brazil and the world, sports, celebrities and lifestyle.

Blogging Platforms

15. a blogging service provided by Google.

16. powerful and fast growing blogging site in Brazil.

Online Shopping

17. the largest online shopping website in Brazil as well as in Latin America.

18. get up to 90% discount on restaurants, spas and gyms.

19. a shopping search engine where you can find prices and terms of purchase in stores nationwide and abroad.

20. online shopping for books, CDs, videos, electronics, housewares and more, with delivery in Brazil and worldwide.

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