Top 10 Most Popular Sports Websites

Here are the top 1o most popular sports websites based on a combination of Alexa Rank, content richness, users’ reviews and freshness. It would be great if you could add your favorite sports sites to the list or write some reviews of them.

1. ESPN Sportszone

Leading sports website providing breaking news, statistics, schedules, player updates, sports videos, Fantasy Games in addition to up-to-the minute sports scores from live events.

2. Yahoo Sports

Sports news, scores, standings, Fantasy games, rumors, Listen to live and on-demand sports content.

3. Cricinfo

One of the most popular sports websites offering cricket news, live scores, photos, archive scorecards, statistics database, ratings and player profiles.


The official site of the National Basketball Association. Offering NBA news, scores and schedules, features, photos, videos, player profiles, fantasy and more.


Official website of the National Football League. Providing in-depth team info for all clubs, game-day coverage with real time statistics as well as play-by-play and chats with top players.

6. FOX Sports

One of the most popular sports websites providing breaking sports news, live scores, quality player and team news, photos,videos, stats, rumors, schedules, fantasy, standings for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and much more.

7. Live Score

One of the leading sports sites which delivers real time football (soccer) match scores across the globe and more than 100 leagues in 34 countries.


Offering breaking sports news, real-time scores photos, columns and daily in-depth analysis from world of sports including NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, college basketball and more.


One of top football sites delivers football news, videos, photos, results, fixtures, world rankings, statistics, and more.

10. WWE

World most popular wrestling website. Featuring TV shows, pay-per-view, WWE shop, WWE universe and more. My favorite wrestlers are John Cena, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio and Maria.

32 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Popular Sports Websites

  1. JP

    Its interesting to note that many of the popular sports don’t have dedicated websites which appear in the list of “most popular sports websites”. (like volleyball, golf, etc.).


  2. Tuan

    One of the most popular sports site providing news and sports, soccer, shooting, wrestling, racing and many more

  3. Adam Willibrand

    Hey – great website, just looking around some blogs, seems a really nice platform you are using. I’m currently using WordPress for a few of my sites but looking to change one of them over to a platform similar to yours as a trial run. Anything in particular you would recommend about it?

    1. Bruce Post author

      I have been always using wordpress as the blogging platform, which can be very powerful with thousands of plugins available. WordPress is still the one I recommend.

  4. Simon


    I would add to the list of good sports sites. It has a crack team of writers and an excellent free on line monthly sports magazine Priceform Monthly (

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  6. michael

    please add this website to your list it has sports news, scores of NBA,NFL,MLB,NHL, College Football and Basketball and lots more.

  7. John Jen

    Good solid sites in the list from massive companies but I prefer independent sports sites with a community and social feel. Would recommend for football/soccer news, live scores and some very good bloggers and writers.

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  9. Cycling Fitness

    Great list. Would have been great if you had added if each site has the ability to add comments and if they’re do follow (Though that would be lazy) Any plans to expand the list soon?

    Great site btw- full of extremely usuful info, I’ve bookmarked you for future reference.

  10. John

    Here is a cool website with loads of potential: You can become a fan of up to 500 000 sports teams/competitions/players etc – similar to twitter where you follow stuff. You can upload photos, embed youtube videos, as well as comment within the feeds. There is also a mobile and iphone app. Looks like there is more to come as well. Check it out.

  11. DavidGN is one of the largest web sites in Hong Kong. The Horse Racing section of this Hong Kong Jockey Club features very rich and intense dynamic content, including various horse/jockey/trainer/event related statistics, vet reports, track work videos and race replays, live audio on race meetings, a professional CEO blog with perspectives on each race, simulcast information and so on. You don’t need to click through into betting at all to enjoy racing as a sport – and that sets the site apart from some of its peers.

  12. VP

    This is a very useful site. But if this list can be extended to top 100 that would be great, since it would give good exposure to the lesser known websites.

    Another suggestion was categorizing sports websites and sports video websites in to separate lists.

    When you get a chance please visit and let me know what you think.

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