Best Japanese Fashion Blogs

What are the best Japanese fashion blogs? Here is a list of top 6 most popular Japanese fashion blogs in my browser bookmarks folder. Enjoy and have a real look on the ongoing fashion trends in Japan.

Fashion Blogs in English

1. Fashion in Japan Blog: one of the most popular Japanese fashion blogs in English, offering thousands of fashion photos sorted into street clothing, bags, shoes and fashion spots. It also features a online store and fashion consulting service.

2. Fashion Japan: a stylish designed Japanese fashion blog in English, offering girls, guys, Japanese street fashion and fashion shows photos.

Fashion Blogs in Japanese

3. fashoin blog provided by the popular Japanese fashion magazine Oggi, you can also click the link on the top to navigate other online fashion magazines.

4. Style Arena: offering thousands of stylish and fashionable Japanese street fashion photos.

5. one of the best Japanese fashion blog featuring brands, collection, fashion news, street fashion and photos.

6. Jamool: one of the best Japanese fashion blogs online. offering fashion collections, styles and fashion shows as well as fashion news.

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  1. Aurab

    Dear Sir
    I found your blog ( while searching for some quality and informative fashion blog.

    I would like to add my webite ( as friend in your friend list. You would also be featured on my fashion blog as friend.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Aura B

    1. Bruce Post author

      I am sorry Aura B that I currently have no plan to exchange friends links now. I approved your comment with your website links which would hopefully drive you some quality traffic.

      Best Regards,

  2. Nathalie

    Hello Ladies,

    Look what i found here they are quite new but surprisingly have lots of asian style clothing with good quality too!
    I’m not sure if they do wholesale too, but last week i bought 2 dresses and really love them!

  3. Chibi

    I really liked the sites on your top-list, Bruce!

    If you’re looking for fashion inspiration and stylish combinations, please visit my fashion blog !! I collect fashion pieces from very pretty Western web shops such as ASOS and Forever 21 and put the pieces together on my own fashion dolls!

    So be sure to visit my blog everyone! <3 ^-^

  4. Erika

    I would also suggest Tokyo Fashion ( and FAKE TOKYO ( if you want even more fun fashion options. :)

  5. tieuthu1710

    I would love to read Japanese fashion magazines like Vivi , seventeen and i want to read in English . Do you know any blog or website that have type of magazines ? Thank you so much

  6. mado

    Cool article! I`m a one of fashion blogger from Japan.
    but I guess most of people expect Japanese do Harajuku style..but its not true!
    I hope many people check these links!

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